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Chris Ray Chappell
Chris Ray Chappell has taught in-depth Taoist Life Arts programmes at a range of prestigious institutions including the Bethlehem Maudsley Hospital, the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, the Physiotherapy Department of the Whitehaven hospital, the Webber Douglas Academy, the Lee Strasberg Actors Studio and the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts.

Chris has a highly distinguished track record of mind and body work which spans over thirty years of intensive study. Chris's personal style and teaching is unique and draws upon Eastern and Western approaches to mind and body training.

In addition to spending over seventeen years training with Taoist masters Chris has also competed at national level as a kick boxer and karateka and completed professional training at the Rambert and Central School of Ballet.

Chris has mastered a wide range of external and internal forms including: Karate, Professional kickboxing, Western boxing, Classical Japanese weapons, Pilates, Contemporary Dance, Wu and Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, Ba Gua Zhang, Chi gung methodologies.



During the last 5 years Chris has researched and studied myo-fascial bodywork (KMI), human dissection, naturopathy and fasting in a move to deepen his knowledge, so as to be more effective in helping people overcome physical and energetic issues.

update: At the present time I have am researching cardio and arterial health. I am now certified to conduct the Bpro Cardio Wave Pulse Analysis, which gives me and my clients vital information regarding the arterial health of my students and facilitates an enhanced process for health and performance training.

Chris is the formal disciple of his primary teacher Master Ma Bao Guo, and holds lineages in Hun Yuan Tai Chi, Hsing-I and Qi Gong. Chris also has a lineage in Cheng Style Ba Gua Zhang and is the disciple of Master Frank Allen

"I had no idea I could achieve so much in one week! Chris Chappell's Easter Retreat 2003, focusing on " Meditation in Tai Chi and Ba Gua" had just the right structure, clarity and content to help me attain a degree of stillness I had not previously thought possible. The entire atmosphere created was conducive to relaxing emotional and physical tension created over many years of living in our stress filled Western society. Allowing his students to tap into his extensive knowledge and vast experience, he once again managed to balance in- depth training with a touch of light hearted enjoyment. Another winner -many thanks Chris"
Lesley Lowe, 58
Credit controller for multi national oil company London

"We have worked with Chris in a variety of ways: he has taught our regular students and he has run graduate seminars and we have attended retreats in the UK and France as well as private lessons. Whether teaching a class, running a retreat or giving a private lesson, Chris's teaching is consistently excellent. He walks his talk. He knows his material, has worked through it for himself and he can adapt to a wide range of students. Highly recommended!"
John and Angie Hicks, Joint principles of The College of integrated Chinese medicine Reading