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Ba Gua
Our approach

Ba Gua Zhang is a mind / body practice which embodies the living principles of the I Ching or Book of Changes.

As soft as Tai-Chi, Ba Gua has a more aerobic quality which changes continuously and rapidly in ever more complex spiralling motions.

This art creates a tremendously strong yet supple body, developing an infinite variety of changes in movement, energy and angle.
Ba Gua creates vortexes of energy. By the awareness generated through practice one learns to live as part of change itself; to let go of restrictive movement, sensation and thought and so merge with that which does not change - the real nature of your mind.

Through the energetic practices comes in time the ability to manifest strength for health and self-defence.

This system of Ba Gua Zhang comes from the original Beijing Ba Gua School.

Some of Ba Gua Zhang‘s basic training involves:

  • Straight line walking for balance
  • Moving alignments
  • Circle walking exercises
  • Coiling and twisting actions in the soft tissue, tendons and muscles of the body.

There are eight physical movement sequences taught, each one corresponding to one of the eight trigrams of the I-Ching, (Book of Changes)

Benefits include:

  • A superlative sense of balance
  • The ability to physically change direction and energy rapidly
  • Peripheral awareness enhancement
  • Redirection of force
  • Learning of angles, fulcrums and energy changes
  • Unpredictable body motion
  • The alleviation and reversal of arthritic conditions
  • The ability to go with the flow and adapt to changing conditions and environment
Training Structure
Body Training:
Fundamental Ba Gua exercises comprising:
Straight line and circle walking practice
First and second palm change

Energy Training:

Pure yang and pure yin energies which form the energetic mix from which all other changes occur.
Mind Training:
Ba Gua as a moving meditation method
Classes are approx 1 hour duration

Further Training

Ba Gua may be supplemented by a range of Chi gung sets which target and rectify weak links in your body and energy structure

Suggested combinations
Given individually by consultation as requested

For enrolment details
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