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Chi Gung
Our approach
You will learn the core movement principles that are at the heart of Taoist Life Arts.

You will explore the essence of your movement potential, opening up your physical body to create a greater sense of internal space in the body.

Learn functional Body Awareness

You will discover and feel your way into your 'weakest links' through regular classes.

You may follow through with specialised chi gung workshops or residential learning intensives to clear out blockages and improve overall structural strength

This class is a combination of the core body mechanics implicit in all Taoist Life Arts.

Whole Body Exercise
These body mechanics comprise standing postures, body alignments, relaxation methods, open and closing movements, hip and waist mobilization, twisting, wrapping and coiling exercises.

This class is the foundation class for Tai Chi Chuan and Ba Gua Zhang

Easy to learn

This class is suitable as a start point for beginning students or for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of the Taoist Chi Gung system of power development.

Training Structure

Body Mechanics:
This core Chi Gung set includes standing and moving Chi Gung practice.
Energy Mechanics:
Working with the upward and downward flow of energy, working with the lower dan tien (energetic centre of the body) and chi body work
Mind Mechanics:
Intentional mind work, Taoist meditation
Classes are approx 1 hour duration

Further Training

Workshops &
Residential Learning Intensives

At these workshops and RLI's we teach a range of Chi Gung systems that enhance energy flow and corresponding internal movement skills. This leads to subtle control of the spine, joints, tendons and ligaments, muscle soft tissue. Read more >

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