Real Taoism - Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Ba Gua classes workshops and retreats in London, UK and France

Price Structure

Yearly Membership
The studio operates as a private members club and has a £50.00 membership fee per annum. Membership entitles you to discounts on most workshops conducted at the studio and includesd free members events. We run small classes fto ensure high quality training and attention to detail.

Weekly Classes
1 subject
£ 50 per capita month standng order £50 cash payments

2 subjects - e.g. Hun Yuan Qi Gong plus HYTai Chi
£ 100per month or £90 for monthly standing order

(Discounts for payment by monthly standing order)

Personal Tuition
One to One private lessons are available by appointment at the studio at £90.00 per hour for one to one instruction for any of the specific subjects taught at the Real Taoism studio or rehabilitation from injury, first consultation, assessment £120.

Personal Tuition for Performance Enhancement and Rehabilitaion from surgery, stroke, heart attack or prolonged illness

One to One performance enhancement and Phyical health analysis, including nutritional advice and state of the art Bpro Cardio Wave Pulse Analysis (Heart and arterial health check) . This is a specific diagnostic service for high end performers, dancers, athletes, martial artists who want to raise their game or anyone who is concerened about long term health. I offer analysis of structure and bio- mechanics so that we can help you to extraordinary levels of body control and performance using genuine lineage teaching.

A Qi Gong programme specific to your individual needs can be created which you can add to your training regime as a support and development tool without the need to learn whole forms of Tai Chi, Hsing-I or ba Gua Zhang

Indoor Teachings

I have a private traditional indoor policy for people who have a wish to take the arts further to a level of mastery above and beyond the generally perceived public level of undestanding. This lineage material can be taught intensively to suitable applicants as part of a personal caochng for mastery specifically in the arts of Hsing-I Tai Chi or Cheng Ba Gua Zhang . The cost for this training is £140 per hour and would require a written application and interview. This type of training would require a long term committment to a process of training. Please contact the studio directly if you have an interest in inside the door training and what it is.


Course Details

Real Taoism
170 Brick Lane
London E1 6RU

For enrolment details
email: phone: 0044 (0)7801550302


Please arrive 5-10 mins before class

Do not eat at least 1 hour before practice

Wear loose comfortable clothing, flat soled training shoes or Chinese type slippers.