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Tai Chi (The Hun Yuan 8)
Our approach

Tai Chi's places emphasis of the mind to direct the body through slow and fast movements. The studio trademark form is the Hun Yuan Tai chi Hsing-I form.

The Hun Yuan 8 Combined Form

The Hun Yuan 8 is a unique combined form of Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing -I Chuan and Ba Gua stepping. it is one of Master Ma Boa Guo's living forms movement work.

Health and Combat


The form can be practiced for health or for self defense. HY8 is a fully integrated movemnet system that embodies, kicking, punching, locking, anti locking and throwing.


The Pre Requiste to learn the Hun Yuan 8 form is a knowledge of Hun Yuan level 1 and some level 2 Qi Gong. without this preparation it would be a car without an engine.

Form practiceThe practitioner applies intelligent bio-mechanics in a continuous sequence to super charge you body and its energy.

Optional training - Functional exercises, push hands and  application - two person co-operative exercises that help to develop fluidity, power and sensitivity, including learning the meaning and application of the form.


TCC can mitigate structural and energetic imbalances, increase awareness and develop personal strength and flexibility leading to control over energy levels. All these attributes bring about a positive mental state as a result. TCC practice improves you with age, uses no special equipment and is a superior health system.  Overall systemic health, for specific benefits please enquire via email.

Chris Ray’s past and present teachers are presented here in no particular order:

• Master Ma Bao Guo( Hun Yuan combined TCC )
• Master  Wang Zhang Hai ( Chen style TCC)
• Master Tian Yin Jia( Yang Style TCC )
• Master Chu King Hung ( Yang style TCC )
• Master Wang HaoDa_ ( Wu Style TCC )
• Master Li Bin Ci( Northen Wu Style TCC )

.  Master James Yuan (Tian Family Yang Style)

.  Master Robert Boyd ( Ip Family Yang Style )
• Master Yao GuoXin ( Tian Family Yang style TCC )
• Master Tian Bing Yuan ( Yang Style TCC )
• Master B Frantzis ( Wu Style TCC )
• Master John Ding ( Yang Style TCC )


Tai Chi can aid in the treatment of neck, joint and back problems, headaches, high blood pressure, impotence, constipation, asthma, angina, heart problems and recuperation from surgery or sport injuries.
Other benefits include increased joint mobility, more efficient blood circulation, deeper respiratory function and overall organ efficiency.
Training Structure

Hun Yuan Hsing-I Tai Chi:
We teach Master Ma's Hun Yuan 8 combined form which is a synthesis of Tai Chi energies, Hsing-I strategy and Ba Gua stepping.

The forms have immediate superior health and martial applications from day one.

Classes are approx 1 hour duration.

Further Training

Workshops &
Retreats and Intensives

At these workshops and retreats we teach a range of Chi Gung systems that enhance energy flow and corresponding internal movement skills. This leads to subtle control of the spine, joints, tendons and ligaments, muscle soft tissue. Read More >

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