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One to one
Personal Coaching
Would you like to be more effective in your chosen field? Many people turn to personal trainers to help them exercise and hone their bodies or train their minds to become more assertive or to realise personal and professional goals.

But Taoist Personal Coaching is unlike western styles of Personal Training in almost every respect in that we address the whole person from the very beginning

Because all Taoist techniques work at the subtle interface of mind and body I begin by observing you in movement and at rest to identify subtle internal imbalances in the body.

I will then design a programme of appropriate Taoist exercise to strengthen these weak links which are inhibit you in your chosen area of endeavour.

Over time your Taoist Personal Coaching programme will upgrade the performance of your physiological and neurological systems

Your programme will be designed to meet your needs so that it can be assimilated at a pace that's right for you and so the final shape of your Personal Coaching programme will be as individual and different as you are

My ultimate goal is to render myself obsolete by facilitating the development of your own self-generating, self directed practise

One to One lessons are available by appointment at Real Taoism £70.00 per hour for one to one instruction for any of the specific subjects taught at the Real Taoism studio.

Performance Enhancement
Do you have an athletic practise? Are you a dancer, golfer or footballer?

Whether you are a professional, semi- professional or amateur there comes a point in your career where - in relation to effort - returns begin to diminish.

This point is often painful and hard to accept.

Many practitioners respond by forcing their technique or simply pushing themselves harder, often beyond their limitations.

Frustration or problems may ensue which can lead to long term injury or even the premature termination of your athletic practise.

Taoist Performance Enhancement can ‘upgrade' your performance and rectify the problem of diminishing returns thereby avoiding injury.

We do this not by addressing technique but upgrading the neurological and physiological mechanisms or ‘body mechanics' that enable and drive your technique.

Taoist Performance Enhancement available by appointment at Real Taoism £70.00 per hour.

''Practicing Dragon and Tiger Chi Gung, Wu Style Tai Chi and Standing Meditation under Chris Chappelle transformed both the way I thought about my body and the way that I used it.

As I learned more about my body I developed the ability to intuitively sense new ways to obtain superior results and so my dancing improved to the point where I was promoted from a soloist to Principal dancer with London City Ballet!

Dragon and Tiger allowed me to move my muscles without straining them as much as I used to. Regular practise also improved my balance and mental clarity, stopped nagging pains and kept me injury free.

For a working dancer in what is widely accepted as a punishing performance art this is almost unheard of. As my practise developed and my dancing began to really benefit my motivation increased as well and things just kept on getting better and better.

I would recommend such practice to any pro or amateur dancer wishing to
improve their performance"

Bernat Pascual, former soloist & Principal dancer. London City Ballet