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Hun Yuan Teacher Training ICQG

Level 1 The Basic Protocol

The Institute of Contemporary Qi Gong ICQG London, is the research and development wing of Master Ma Ba Guo and Master Chris Ray Chappell. It is a collaborative work spanning two cultures which blends experiential traditional Chinese Qi Gong with groundbreaking anatomical research. Our foundation training is a stand alone module to help people begin a career in teaching Hun Yuan Qi Gong and provides a ground breaking approach to learning energetic self bodywork. The information taught is not available in book form and is not in the public domain.. The general Internal Arts paradigm is about to change for ever.

The anatomy of bodily change
We believe that is vitally important practitioners to have a practical grounding in the functional anatomy of Qi Gong. You will learn visual skills a balancing skills from both a Qi Gong perspective and from a western bodywork perspective. Learn exactly how you can develop the famed internal strength of the old masters. What is it? Why is it good for health ? Learn why the arms and legs can pull your core out of position. Learn and experience core energy and core movement and how the Hun Yuan Qi Gong approach differs from other Qi Gong. Also learn how and why many modern exercise methods can increase ego fixation by raising too much energy and leading to a form of exercise neurosis.

General Myths and Misconceptions in the Internal Arts
What defines a Qi Gong? What is internal training? Learn why hollowing the chest can be extremely damaging, learn why suspending for the head is an anatomical joke! Learn how tucking the pelvis can compress the pelvic bones, weaken your back and hurt the knees. Learn how visualization can be extremely is dangerous. The question to ask is this? Do I really want to learn about (Qi - energy) or do I need to explore and understand my body better to achieve this.

Who can become a HY teacher
Tai Chi and Qi Gong teachers, bodywork therapists, physio’s, personal trainers, dance and movement teachers, Yoga, Alexander and Pilates teachers. Martial artists looking for internal body control and performance enhancement.

Eligibiity: You need to learn the Level 1 set of 10 mini exercises and 2 self massage set and be able to remember the set before starting Level 1 training. This can be done via class, workshop or retreat.

When I originally started training with Chris I was suffering from a very painful occupational related repetitive strain injury type condition (RSI). I can't emphasise enough how scary RSI can be, especially if it manifests early in ones career. When I started studying Ba Gua my main concern was that it wouldn't aggravate the condition, I never thought it could actually reduce and then remove it.
Tom Kirby-Green, Software Engineer, London

I've found that Tai Chi has given me a toolkit that helps tackle some of the more unwelcome aspects of London life. It has not only helped me create calm spaces in myself to counteract the grinding stress of working in the city, but has also developed my confidence and physical strength to confront random urban aggression
Chris Fox
Director of Corporate Relations for a Leading UK Company

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