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Whilst avoiding cultural misinterpretations I dedicate myself to aiding my clients using a sometimes eclectic approach to train a free body and a free mind.

To make changes we first need to first have an aspiration to see things as they are and not as we want them to be. This moment to moment presence is what every single one of us has as out essence.

Managing unacknowledged stress

Not all stresses are bad for us. It is our habitual responses to stress factors that determines outcome.

Taoist approaches to conflict

Self remembering, witnessing habitual patterns of tension. Physical, mental and emotional balance.

Quiet practices

Mental calming. Mental focusing.

Physical health practices

including conditioning and internal strength training. Taoist Nei Gong. Authentic practices (Health and Martial) Tai Chi Chuan. Ba Gua Zhang and Hsing I Chuan .

Internal methods

To enhance ones breathing, core awareness and energy levels.

To develop presence of mind

In the midst of unforeseen events and embody strategies to accept self restriction and to move seamlessly through events without being conditioned by them.

Using your body as a method of total self development

Bringing together practical elements of Taoist and Buddhist approaches of inner cultivation.

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