Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong 4 - day Retreat at Purelands Retreat Centre, Scotland with Chris Ray Chappell 14th April 10am to 17th April 4pm

Find strength, peace and inner balance with the help of Qi Gong

Join us for a 4 - day Qi Gong retreat with a renowned UK Qi Gong Expert, Chris Ray Chappell. Chris is inviting everyone to the beautiful and peaceful retreat centre in Scotland, to learn and practice an ancient Chinese method for improving your health, reduce stress and learn some new skills for a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong is a 7 movement low impact flowing energy exercise, mindfully executed. Qi Means Breath and Gong means Exercise. Dragon and Tiger is referred to as a medical Qi Gong as it is used as a means of mitigating chronic pain and as a rehabilitation from injury and illness. Chris has years of experience in helping people recover from injury. 

You can find stillness and balance with the help of breath exercises specially designed to relax your mind and body and restore your well-being. The exercises are designed to access what are known as the 8 extra ordinary meridians to create a fully integrated relaxed state 

The 7 movements can be learned by anyone and are exceptional for releasing stagnant energy  and optimizing all bodily functions and developing a total sense of integrated calmness and balance.

Chris has promoted this set of Qi Gong exercises in the UK since 1998, introducing it to the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, as the most appropriate set to introduce Qi sensing exercise for the acupuncture students.

During the retreat, Chris will teach and practice with you the whole foundation of the set and help all those who join to  experience a new way  to improve your subtle body sensing skills.

Here are a few of the exercises that you will learn during the retreat:

Qi Body energetic sensing drills to access subtle energy and meridian tracing drills with advice on how to allow awareness to arise naturally.

D&T Movement 1 of the set opens up the core right and left channels which leaves purges stagnant energy from them thus stimulating release of deep seated tension held within the internal organs. And also uses oppositional forces the creates a dual flow of force into the earth and through the core channels. In fact it is a practice of deep self activation of acupuncture meridians.

D&T movement 4 is very simple yet profound exercise as it activates the heart Channel and even massages the heart muscle. For anyone recovering from a heart attack or COPD this is a movement not to be underestimated and also provides release of neck, rotator cuff and shoulder tension. 

Purelands Retreat Centre is part of Kagyu Samye Ling, Tibetan Buddhist Monastery.

About Purelands Retreat Centre, Scotland.

Looking out over the River Esk in the peaceful hills of the Scottish Borders, you can see why meditation masters from Tibet decided to build the Purelands Retreat Centre on this spot. 

Bringing their wealth of knowledge to this ideal natural environment, they originally built the centre to hold the first authentic Tibetan Buddhist long-term retreats ever seen on British soil.

The Rooms

20' x 40' meditation room which we use as our workshop space and comfortable single bedrooms for all students 

You can read more about the retreat center on their website. Click here


Book your single room occupancy.

This is an all-inclusive retreat  Accommodation and Food for £395.

It Includes:

3 nights accomodation

4 days practice with Chris Ray Chappell

3 meals a day 

Price doesn’t include transportation. For any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Limited Spots Available!