Heaven and Earth (open and close) Nei Gong, refers to the ability to be able to open and close all joints of the body and to suffuse the joints with synovial fluid at will.

The smooth pumping of bodily fluids works also on maintaining hydration and fluid exchange in and around the joints as well as releasing visceral tension around the internal organs. This type of practice is a unique methodology of Taoist Internal Arts and conjoins body awareness with Internal movement.

This is traditionally a Nei Gong lit: (internal work) and offers a direct path to creating balance, energy and inner control of normally unconscious processes.

I will be teaching a simple stand alone set along with supplementary supporting exercises to focus and develop your awareness and release tension and decompress all the joints of the body.

Good for anyone who wants to avoid burn out. Therapists, athletes and sportspeople or those of you wanting to increase general health, awareness and body mind energy integration. Nei Gong is a wonderful and easy accessible support for meditation practitioners and can be practiced by anyone regardless of physical ability.