On this Retreat you can learn a comprehensive mind body exercise as epitomized by the Hun Yuan method and create a solid foundation for your ongoing health and strength. This retreat is limited to 10 participants.

On this retreat I will be teaching the complete foundation set of the Hun Yuan Qi Gong,plus I will be sharing my recent insights into supplementary exercises.  I have studied this set at all levels intensively, this particular Qi Gong was passed to me by Master Ma Bao Guo of Henan China and is of the lineage of the father of modern Qi Gong. Master Hu Yaozhen

In particular I would like to present this Qi Gong so that a deeper sense of calm and confidence can be cultivated so that everyone can gain inspiration, strength and internal body control from this wonderful set.

Our French retreats are held in the Corbiere region of Languedoc. This deeply historic area has a great atmosphere extremely conductive to practice.

Typical Day: We have a morning and an afternoon practice session, for example, 10-1 and 4-6 pm. This allows down time for great local walks that give panoramic views of the foothills of the Pyrenees, rest or maybe take a local trip out to the river or local hot pools.

This 5 day Retreat is designed for a very small group.