This is a stand alone introduction to the art of Hun Yuan ( Eternal Circle) Primoridal Qi Gong.

Hun Yuan Qi Gong is a very direct exercise for the integration of your mind and body and your energy. Leaving you calmly aware and energized. Its benefits are varied and often unique for those who take up a regular self practice. You can mitigate, circulatory, respiratory issuers alongside many aspects of joint pain, heal injuries and increase your intelligence during exercise.  The reduction of stress is also a wonderful aspect of practice.

Settling the mind into the body, basic alignments. Hun Yuan Qi Gong 1-3 and closing self massage techniques

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How we perform depends on the foundations we build. A grounding in basic skill will  set one up for any practice. Living and internal life means not being distracted by external images or false ideas of mental. physical and emotional health.  External exercise  when especially ego driven brings restlessness and strain and in the long term damage health and well being. An internal life helps sharpen your mind and body with intelligent practice. Inner strength is much more attractive and lasting than external ideas and media led by the financially motivated  exercise fads that leave no lasting benefit.