Sometimes we may think that we are living in the moment and yet still not feel very light nor expansive inside. Being fixated and even mindful we can block out the background noise. Yet something remains that we cannot quite cognize and it can weigh heavy, a dull feeling of self that demands distraction even whilst in the moment. I don't think the marketing of mindfulness takes this into account. This is what Sigmund Freud termed free floating anxiety, a nameless formless panic or terror that wells up from the depths, form nowhere. What Sigmund Freud ignored and denied ( The Body ) Wilhelm Reich perceived. That the body stores shocks and events, pre verbal, locking into us immense energy that could be activated for our benefit. 

So working with the body can soothe the brain, CNS and allow for an arising an acknowledgement of pain so that the very pain itself becomes a seed for our own personal development.  

This is not and easy path and it is not fast, but it is steady and worthwhile and it brings results and confidence in its wake. Accept suffering as it comes bit by bit and work so that you can release that which has been stored and neglected. Screw the Ego and rational thought for the Body will do what is requested with intelligent active practice.

Blessed Be